NASASEASONS was founded in January 2014 by five teenagers who all embodied the Parisian youth culture through their taste in music, fashion and of course, parties. As the collective evolved during the first two years, the brand gained the support of many influential people who helped push the evolution of NASASEASONS notoriety worldwide. The brand’s leader is Alexandre Daillance, aka Millinsky, who is the artistic director.

The young Parisian brand stands for the voice of the youth. NASASEASONS’ mission is to unite the youth together by embroidering teenagers’ feelings, concerns and attitudes on clothes. Most precisely the brand evokes teenage romance, something that teenagers from all generations have experienced.

The authenticity of the brand enabled NASASEASONS to gain the support from big names of the music industry. Although considering itself a street wear brand, NASASEASONS wishes to be the bridge between street wear and casual high fashion.

Because its founders are passionate about art and photography, NASASEASONS puts as much effort into its lookbooks as into the clothing itself and has been working with prominent young people in the fashion industry such as Ian Connor and Eileen Kelly.